Welcome to Big Sunshine Books

Big Sunshine Books is a new, specialist children’s book publisher. We focus on producing high-quality, beautifully illustrated fiction for young children aged 0-5. Like our readers, we are small . . . but have big ideas! Our aim is to combine entertaining stories with gorgeous artwork to create books that inspire a love of reading.

We are proud to publish books for very young children. The pre-school years are an exciting time in a child’s development and research shows that enjoyable experiences with books at this stage have a positive effect on language and literacy skills – as well as helping to nurture a love of reading. Young children are naturally curious about the world and each day brings a new set of discoveries. Our first two titles, The Bear Cub Bakers and Pilot Jane and the Runaway Plane, are therefore partly about exploring: learning new activities and skills in the case of The Bear Cub Bakers, exploring the world in the case of Pilot Jane.

We are an independent book publisher with a fresh approach, offering attractive, fun and thoughtfully-designed books that dish up a helping of “big sunshine” with every reading.

Great News – The Bear Cub Bakers and Pilot Jane and the Runaway Plane have been shortlisted for the prestigious MadeForMums Awards 2018!